Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Electric Daisy Carnival

The weekend of June 26-27 marks the 13th annual Electric Daisy Carnival. Having giving up on raves or in this case "Massives" long over ten years ago, I regained interest during the summer of 2008. Curious about all the hoopla about "Massives" from the younger kids, we went late on Saturday night to the Coliseum where the annual Electric Daisy Carnival was being held. With a group of 10 or so we managed force our way in with out having to pay the hefty entrance fee of $75 (how we did that is an entirely other story). I was immediately in awe at the sheer amount of people who were in attendance. They estimated there were well over 70,000 in attendance which I found believable by looking at the sea of people on the coliseum field.

However I felt bit bit sad and worried for all these drugged up kids all over the place. I mean I'm all for experimenting and having a good time but these kids just don't get it. Its like they just over indulge in everything. In any case we still ended up having a great time and all that led to was what I call the "Free summer of 08". So I'm looking forward to what kind of adventure this years installment will bring. I hope the house ciphers will be in full effect and a variety of dancers will be present.

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