Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fixed Gear...

There has been a lot of hoop-la about fixed geared bike these days and some see it as new phenomena. However fixed gear bikes have been around well over 100 years now. Also fixed gear track bike racing preempts automobile racing by a long shot and even deemed Major Taylor the first African American to become world champion in the history of competitive sport racing. So there is a lot of history behind these bikes. I myself have yet to ride a fixed gear bike or "Fixie" for short but recently it has gained more of my respect. Even some of the BMX companies like Volume, Subrosa and SE have jumped in and put out fixie frame and complete bikes. Although my love for BMX can not be changed, I look forward to building a Fixie pretty soon. So I'll keep you posted on my new venture as it begins.

SE Bikes PK Ripper Fixed Gear

Subrosa Malum

Volume Bikes Cutter

A Thomas Edison film of a man doing tricks on his fixed gear bike shot back in 1899.

See Major Taylor

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WOWDANG! said...

The Malum shown here is last years model. The new bike with the new fork is here: Like the site, YO!