Thursday, August 13, 2009

T&C Surf Designs...

This past Sunday I went to my local swap meet to browse around for crap I might like and stumbled across an old T&C Surf Wood & water rage video game cartridge for the Nintendo entertainment system. When I was a kid growing up in the mid to late 80's T&C t-shirts were all the rage. I clearly remember begging my mom to buy me these t-shirts when we would go to Millers Outpost. Although T&C still exists today they have yet to reissue these for reasons unknown to me. I do know that "Da Boys" Thrillia Gorillia, Joe Cool, Tiki man and Kool Kats were created by an aritist by the name of Steve Nazar who is still around. I found his website and low and behold he has some of his original sketches of "Da Boys" for sale. So if anybody who knows me well, knows I have a thing for 80's nostalgia crap. So you know this will be on my things to look out for list.

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